The Largest B2B Technology & Innovation Professionals in Indonesia

End-to-End Internet Solutions to Empower Connectivity

The hub for innovations and technology in Southeast Asia, gathering business, industry professionals, buyers, and government bodies to collaborate and foster partnerships. with suppliers and other businesses within internet and telecommunications industries.

Tech Solutions for the Digital Economy

This event is a one stop solution to technology for businesses and enterprises towards empowering the digital economy. This is the place where technology leaders, startups and enterprises come together to present the future of every business and every industry, as it happens.

Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Get ready to be part of an extraordinary gathering of visionaries, pioneers, and innovators at the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit (AIIS) 2023. This remarkable event is your gateway to shaping the future through groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

Empowering Networks, Enabling Cloud Futures

Indonesia International Data Center & Cloud Summit and Expo, where industry leaders, innovators, and experts gather, to unleash the power of data centers and cloud technologies.

Secure Your Future with Cyber Innovation

The premier event in Indonesia dedicated to the convergence of technology, innovation, and cybersecurity. Representing Indonesia Technology & Innovation, our mission is to foster a secure and innovative digital landscape in Indonesia and beyond.

Empowering Connectivity through Satellite Technology

As a premier platform, we bring together visionaries, industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to showcase, explore, and celebrate the forefront of technology and innovation.

Robotics and Automation to Foster Innovation and Opportunities

As the largest B2B Technology & Innovation Event in Indonesia, we take pride in bringing together industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators. Representing Indonesia Technology & Innovation, our mission is to foster a secure and innovative digital landscape in Indonesia and beyond.

Beyond Broadcasting : Empowering The Future of Media

As the largest event of its kind in Indonesia, INTI Broadcasting, Entertainment & Media Expo & Summit is your gateway to the pulse, of the industry. Whether you're a seasoned industry leader, a budding entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the latest trends, our event offers something for everyone.

Empowering Indonesia's Technological Future through Smart Office Solutions

Immerse yourself in a world of innovation as we bring together industry leaders, startups, and visionaries to showcase cutting-edge electronic products, share insights through thought-provoking conferences, and foster strategic collaborations.

Empowering The Police Force with Technology and Innovation

With a profound understanding of both technology and law enforcement, we have embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between, these two worlds. Our expertise lies in curating a dynamic platform that unites law enforcement agencies, technology innovators, and industry leaders.

Innovative Solutions for Wellness: Showcasing Cutting-Edge Healthcare Tech

Discover the future of healthcare and wellness at the largest B2B event in Indonesia. Our dynamic event features an extensive exhibition, enlightening conference sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities, all focused on revolutionizing healthcare and wellness.

Revolutionizing Education Through Tech

The largest B2B event for education in Indonesia, where technology and innovation revolutionize learning. Experience our dynamic exhibition, insightful conferences, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Elevating Urban Lifestyles with Cutting-edge Domotics Technology

Unleash the future of urban living and smart homes at INTI New Urbanism & Demotics. As the largest B2B event in this space, we bring together visionaries, innovation leaders, and urban design enthusiasts for a transformative experience.

Empowering Startups for Global Impact

INTI Start-up is the largest B2B gathering in the start-up world. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or industry professional, this event is your gateway to innovation, growth, and valuable connections.

Innovation Unleashed: Powering Up Game Animation & E-Sports

Welcome to INTI Game Animation & E-sport Expo - the epicentre of innovation in Indonesia. Join us for the largest B2B event where game animation, e-sports, and healthcare and wellness converge.

Advancing Industry 4.0 through Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable solutions for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 are key to bringing great opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency. to support sustainable industry in increasing competitiveness in a globalized world for manufacturers and businesses.

Indonesia’s Premier Platform for Green Industry

GREEN Industrial Transformation Indonesia 2023 is the most comprehensive green industry trade show in Indonesia, bringing together major brands presenting their innovative solutions and advanced technology for the green industry.

Unveiling the Future of Mobility

INTI Mobility-where the future of mobility industries takes centre stage! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of innovation, as we bring together the best and brightest minds in the world of mobility.

Drone Solutions for Industrial Competitiveness

An event developed by the community for the industry where drone companies can showcase their products & use cases, industry players learn about cutting edge solutions for competitive advantage, and professionals broaden their network to conduct business and make deals.





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internet The Importance of Cooperation in Achieving Digital Transformation Goals in Indonesia internet Indonesia Internet Expo and Summit: Embracing Indonesia's Digital Future with Sustainable Industrial Transformation green industrial The Future of the Indonesian Automotive Industry: Opportunities and Challenges in the Transition to EVs internet Exploring Indonesia's Underwater Digital Sovereignty: Ensuring Security, Overcoming Challenges, and Seizing Opportunities green industrial Indonesia's Green Industrial Revolution: Opportunities for Investment and Growth industrial Indonesia's Industrial Transformation and its Effect on the Labor Market industrial Enhancing the Resilience of Digital Infrastructure for Digital Economy Growth in Indonesia drone Unlocking the Full Potential of Drones: Innovation and Collaboration in the Drone Industry green industrial The Potential for Collaboration and Partnership in Developing the Indonesian EV Industry: Lessons from Successful Models in Other Countries green industrial Green Industrial Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses and Society green industrial Empowering Communities with Clean and Affordable Energy in Indonesia industrial transformation Digital innovation and its impact on the creative industry green industrial Green Supply Chain Management: An Integral Part of Green Industrial Revolution industrial transformation Indonesia's Industrial Transformation and the Rise of country's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) industrial transformation Digital Transformation in Industrial Machinery Maintenance and Repair Processes to Improve Productivity and Efficiency internet Using Iot and Big Data Technology In The Development of More Connected and Intelligent Healthcare Devices industrial transformation Driving Product Innovation and Development in Industry 4.0 with Digital Manufacturing Technology technology The Development of Digital Printing Technology in The Textile and Apparel Industry technology The Use of AI technology in Improving Safety and Efficiency in Maritime Transportation internet Understanding Cybersecurity and Its Importance in the Electronics and Information Technology Industry green industrial Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency in Chemical Industry: Challenges and Solutions technology Leveraging Semiconductor Technology to Drive Indonesia's Economic Growth automation Innovations in Automotive Industry: Future Trends and Business Implications green industrial Green Chemistry and Sustainable Manufacturing: Innovations and Case Studies technology Implementing Blockchain Technology in The Food and Beverage Supply Chain to Increase Transparency and Security industrial transformation Industrial Park Development in the Digital Age: Opportunities and Challenges industrial transformation Building Skills and Talent for Industrial Transformation: Supporting SMEs in the Digital Age industrial transformation Transitioning to a Sustainable Future: Innovations and Challenges in Green and Blue Economies internet 5G Network Deployment: Revolutionizing Connectivity for Businesses and Consumers technology Maximizing Productivity and Quality in the Food and Beverage Industry through Robotics and Automation internet Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions in Digital Ocean Activities green industrial The Potential of Green Hydrogen to Support Sustainable Development and Address Climate Change industrial transformation The Emergence of New Business Models in The Pharmaceutical Industry, Such as Outcomes-Based Pricing and Value-Based Care technology The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Development technology The Challenges and Opportunities Associated with The Increasing Use of Robotics and Automation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Logistics drone Flying into the Future: The Potential of Commercial Drones to Revolutionize Multiple Industries technology The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming Supply Chain Management for the Future industrial transformation Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management: The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Manufacturing industrial transformation From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Style: The Impact of Industrial Transformation on the Textile Industry From Ore to Metal: The Evolution of Smelter Industry and Its Impact on Manufacturing and the Environment The Promising Role of Hydrogen in the Global Energy Transition The Past, Present and Future of Global Value Chains The Economics of Electric Cars: Costs, Savings, and Return on Investment Society 5.0 and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Roadmap for a Better Future The Impact of Society 5.0 on Job Market: Preparing the Workforce for the Future Human-Centered Design in Society 5.0: Balancing Technology and Social Needs Improving Rural Internet Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities for Internet Providers The Circular Economy and Digitalization: How the Twin Transition is Shaping the Future of Manufacturing Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development: Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Sustainability The Future of Textile Manufacturing: Ensuring Relevance and Competitiveness in the Industry The Future is Now: Industrial Electronic Transformation and its Impact on the Manufacturing Landscape Building an Integrated Supply Chain in the Electronics Industry The Power of Partnership: How Collaboration between Jamu Producers and Research Institutions Drives Industry Transformation Smart Technologies for Eco-friendly Agriculture Maximizing the Value of Your Human Capital: Strategies for Optimizing Industrial Human Resources in the Digital Age The Future of Industrial Human Resources: Adapting to the Evolving Landscape of Manufacturing Workforce Management Indonesia Accelerates its Electric Vehicle Transformation with Supportive Policies and Private Sector Efforts industrial indonesia Indonesia Seizes the Opportunity to Showcase its Technological Advancements and Foster Sustainable Development at Hannover Messe 2023 Industrial Indonesia The Importance of Building Strong Relationships in Business business President Jokowi and First Lady Iriana Depart for Germany to Attend Hannover Messe 2023 internet The Role of the Internet in Political Campaigns and Elections Drone Exploring the Versatility of Drones: Beyond Aerial Photography Green Industrial From Smart Factories to Sustainable Manufacturing: The Impact of Technology on Green Industry News Indonesia Continues to Strengthen Its Position As A Global Partner in Manufacturing at Hannover Messe 2023 Green Industrial Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Green Manufacturing News President Joko Widodo Highlights Indonesia's Investment Opportunities at Hannover Messe 2023 News President Joko Widodo Second Day Visit to Germany: Walking, Greeting, and Business Meetings News Indonesia Pavilion at Hannover Messe 2023 Highlights Commitment to Clean Energy and Sustainable Industries News President Joko Widodo Emphasizes Economic Equality in Meeting with German Chancellor Industrial Transformation From Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0: The Evolution of Digitalization and Its Impact on Society internet The Role of Big Data in Marketing: Personalization, Optimization, and Innovation News Indonesia Germany Business Summit Strengthening Industrial Cooperation for Sustainable Development News Indonesian Minister of Industry Announces 27 Cooperation Agreements at Hannover Messe 2023 News Indonesia s Automotive Industry Showcases Latest AI Technology in Hannover Messe 2023 News Indonesia Commits to Green Economy and Industrialization for Shared Prosperity News Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo Highlights the Country’s Potential for Renewable Energy at Hannover Messe 2023 Business Summit News Indonesia and Germany Accelerate Negotiations for IEU-CEPA Trade Agreement News Indonesia and Germany Sign Joint Declaration of Intent to Strengthen Economic Cooperation and Climate Action News Indonesia Targets Four Main Agendas at Hannover Messe 2023 to Strengthen International Collaboration News Strengthening Manufacturing Ecosystem by Accelerating Industry 4.0 Green Industrial Hydrogen Storage Technologies: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Future Potential Green Industrial Hydrogen Storage Technologies: Applications in Transportation, Power Generation, and Industrial Processes News Accelerating Electric Vehicle Ecosystem: Insights from Industry Experts at Hannover Messe 2023 News Sesi Conference Hannover Messe 2023: Strengthening the Manufacturing Ecosystem through Accelerating Industry 4.0 News Indonesia Targets Collaboration at Hannover Messe 2023 to Strengthen Manufacturing Ecosystem through Industry 4.0 Acceleration News Indonesia and Germany Join Forces in Metal Additive Manufacturing and Clean Energy Solutions at Hannover Messe 2023 News MARS-ENVOTEC Offers Sustainable Waste Management Solutions to Indonesia at Hannover Messe 2023 News Investing in Indonesia's New Capital City (NCC): Insights from Sesi Conference Hannover Messe 2023 News Indonesian Aircraft Maintenance Industry Showcases Latest Innovations at Hannover Messe 2023 News Indonesia Delegation Meets with EU to Discuss Waste Export Regulations News Indonesia Emerges as Key Destination for Manufacturing Sector Investments at Hannover Messe 2023 Conference News Indonesia Successfully Wraps Up Hannover Messe 2023 as Official Partner Country Companies Indonesia Leads the Way in Electric Vehicle Transformation with New Government Regulations and Private Sector Innovations Companies PT. Starvo Global Energi's STARVO Brand Paves the Way for Seamless EV Charging Experience in Indonesia Companies Private Sector's Role in Building EV Charging Infrastructure: Driving Indonesia's Sustainable Transportation Transformation Industrial Transformation Indonesia's Emerging Industries: Opportunities for Investment in Technology and Manufacturing Industrial Transformation Tech Investment in Indonesia: A Booming Industry with Untapped Potential Industrial Transformation Agriculture to Technology: A Shift in Indonesia's Investment Landscape News Indonesian Pavilion Showcases Technological Advancements in Hannover Messe 2023 News Development of Rempang Island as a High-Competitive Industrial, Tourism, and Service Area to Boost Economic Growth in Batam and Riau Islands Province Industrial Transformation The Emergence of Electric Motorcycle Industry in Indonesia: Prospects and Challenges Industrial Transformation The Economics of Electric Vehicles in Indonesia: Affordability and Cost-Benefit Analysis internet Protecting Sensitive Information: Essential Cybersecurity Measures for the Digital Age Drone The Future of Military Drones: Advancements in Technology and Strategic Deployment News Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit (IIXS) Returns for Fifth Edition in 2023, Focusing on Digital Transformation and the Creative Economy News APJII to Host Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2023: Embracing Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Industry internet The Evolution of the Internet: From Dial-Up to 5G News Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit to Address Digital Transformation in Enhancing Competitiveness of Creative Industry Industrial Transformation Industrial Transformation 2050: Preparing for a Future of Innovation and Sustainability Industrial Transformation The Role of Circular Economy in Industrial Transformation 2050 Green Industrial Sustainable Energy and Industry 4.0: Driving Industrial Transformation 2050 News IIXS 2023: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Innovation for the Creative Economy Green Industrial Green Jobs in the Agriculture and Food Industries: Promoting Sustainability and Economic Opportunities internet Artificial Intelligence: Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into Various Industries to Enhance Productivity and Decision-Making News Indonesia Approves Transfer of 2.3 GHz Radio Frequency Spectrum Rights to Smart Telecom News Hannover Messe 2023 Paves the Way for Indonesia's Industrial 4.0 Development and Human Resource Support News Indonesia Explores Collaboration with the Netherlands to Boost Dairy Industry Productivity internet APJII Announces Indonesia Internet Expo and Summit 2023 with a Focus on Digital Innovation and Transformation in the Creative Economy News Industry Sector Improves Despite Global Economic Slowdown News Indonesia's Business Confidence Index Reaches Its Highest Level Drone Drones: The Revolutionary Technology Changing the Way We Live News Indonesia Internet Expo and Summit (IIXS) 2023 to Address Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Literacy in Creative Industry Green Industrial The Future of Transportation and Renewable Energy: The Role of Electrification, Biofuels, and Hydrogen Fuel Cells Green Industrial Clean Energy Transition: Challenges and Solutions for Fossil Fuel-Dependent Industries Green Industrial The Future of Renewable Energy: A Look at the Latest Advancements and Innovations News Government Supports Development of Renewable Energy from Geothermal Sources, Encourages Implementation of JCM Scheme News Indonesia Internet Expo and Summit 2023 to Discuss Digital Literacy and Creative Industry Market Access Industrial Transformation The Evolution of Labor Day: A Reflection on the Past and Future of Workers' Rights Industrial Transformation The Growth of Chemical Industry in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges Industrial Transformation Investing in Indonesia’s Chemical Industry: Risks and Rewards Industrial Transformation Achieving Operational Excellence in the Chemical Industry in Indonesia Companies Revolutionizing Mobility: The Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Indonesia's Future Green Industrial Towards a Carbon-Neutral Future: The Role of the Electronic Industry in Addressing Climate Change Companies Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia's Investment in Automation and Digitalization: A Boost for Indonesia's Manufacturing Sector Green Industrial Nutrition in the Age of Wellness: The Evolution of Health-Conscious Consumers and the Food Industry News Accelerating Industrial Transformation in Indonesia: The Role of Seminars, Conferences, and Focus Group Discussions Companies Digitalization: Unlocking Efficiency and Sustainability at Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia Industrial Transformation Innovations in Energy Storage Technologies: Overcoming Barriers to Growth internet From Healthcare to Finance: How AI and ML are Reshaping Industries Opinion Unlocking Indonesia's Economic Potential with Industrial Transformation Companies Driving Indonesia's Skilled Workforce: PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia's Transformational Journey News Manufacturing Industry Continues to be the Driving Force Behind Indonesia's GDP Growth News Indonesia's Vision for ASEAN as the Epicenter of Growth in 2023 News Indonesia prepares for success ahead of BIMP-EAGA and IMT-GT Summit in Labuan Bajo Companies PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia's Industrial Transformation: A Success Story for Indonesia's Automotive Industry Industrial Transformation Leveraging Technology in Food Production: Automation and Artificial Intelligence internet Big Data and the Future of Healthcare: How Advanced Algorithms are Revolutionizing Patient Care internet 5G and the Internet of Things: How the Next Generation of Wireless Technology Will Power the Smart Cities of Tomorrow Drone Exploring the Limits: How Drones are Used in Scientific Research and Exploration Opinion Toward Quality, Affordable, and Equitable Internet Access in Indonesia News Indonesia Showcases Digital Infrastructure Development at ASEAN Summit News President Jokowi Emphasizes Collaboration and Dialogue as Key Principles of ASEAN Chairmanship News Indonesia's Digital Economy Predicted to Reach USD 130 Billion by 2025, Government Accelerates Digital Transformation Efforts News ILMATE Industry Grows 14.23% YoY in Q1 2023, Outpacing National Economic Growth Green Industrial Green Buildings in the Industrial Sector: How Energy-Efficient Facilities are Cutting Costs and Reducing Emissions Green Industrial Innovations in Sustainable Packaging for Industrial Products: The Future of Eco-Friendly Materials Drone A Bird's Eye View: The Advantages of Drone Technology in Environmental Monitoring and Conservation internet The Economic Impact of 5G: How Next-Generation Wireless Networks Will Drive Growth and Innovation News President Jokowi Opens the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia News Indonesian President Jokowi Urges Unity to Make ASEAN a Driver of Peace and Growth at KTT 42 News President Jokowi Urges Business Collaboration for ASEAN's Growth News President Jokowi Holds Bilateral Meeting with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, Discusses Economic Cooperation and Expresses Appreciation News ASEAN Leaders Enjoy the Beauty of Nusa Tenggara Timur with President Jokowi and Ibu Iriana News ASEAN Leaders Find Calm and Wellness by Boarding the Pinisi Boat in Labuan Bajo News Jokowi Hosts ASEAN Leaders in Labuan Bajo, Showcases Indonesia's Beauty Green Industrial Circular Economy in Industry: How Companies are Embracing a Zero-Waste Mindset News APJII Participates in Exclusive Launching of Digital Data Centers (BDDC) News APJII Participates in Exclusive Launching of Digital Data Centers (BDDC) Industrial Transformation Challenges and Opportunities for Social Protection Systems in the Digital Economy News Government Pushes for Acceleration of Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in Indonesia News Indonesia Pushes for the Development of Electric Vehicles to Achieve Green Economic Transformation News Indonesian Government Launches Incentives to Accelerate Adoption of Electric Vehicles News AREA31 Datacenter Achieves RATED 3 Facilities Certificate and Becomes the First Datacenter in ASEAN to Obtain ISO 22237 News Dunia Virtual Online (DVO) to Invest Rp 1 Trillion in Data Center Development within Five Years Opinion Workers’ Rights in Indonesia’s Future Industry Industrial Transformation The Future of Energy Storage: How Battery Technology is Revolutionizing the Grid Industrial Transformation The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Oil Demand and Global Energy Markets News Indonesia's Ministry of Industry Launches Digital Industry Center to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Sector News 15th BIMP-EAGA High-Level Conference Held in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia Opinion Regulators and Banks Need to Increase Vigilance and Anticipate Cyber ​​Attacks on the Banking System at Indonesia News Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to Utilize Super Grid and REBID Program to Optimize Renewable Energy Sources News APJII Releases Updated Internet User Profile Data for Indonesia, Calls for Collaborative Efforts to Expand Internet Access News APJII Plans Monumental Event: Indonesia Internet Expo and Summit 2023 News APJII and BSSN Collaborate to Enhance Cybersecurity Awareness News Global Manufacturing Industry Embraces Sustainable Practices for Export Market News Ministry of Industry Continues to Drive Green Industry Development to Support Government's Commitment in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions News The Current State of Indonesia's Underwater Digital Sovereignty and the Potential for Its Development Industrial Transformation The Rise of Robotics: How Automation is Transforming Industries News Manufacturing Sector Drives Indonesia's Export Growth in 2023 internet Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Essential Steps for Protection Industrial Transformation The Future of Robotics: Exploring Humanoid Robots and Their Applications internet The Future of Digital Payments: Trends and Innovations News Strategic Collaboration Strengthens Palm Oil-Producing Countries' Role in the Global Market News APJII Urges Government to Enhance Internet Growth in Indonesia internet Ethics and AI: Addressing the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Society internet Augmented Reality: Transforming User Experience and Industries News Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) Consistently Enhances Industrial Service in Indonesia News President of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi) Urges Global Contribution to Address Climate Change Threats News President Joko Widodo Invites Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) to Support Infrastructure Development in Indonesia News President Joko Widodo Calls for Equality, Collaboration, and Inclusivity in Global Cooperation News President Joko Widodo Holds Meeting with IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva News Presiden Joko Widodo Holds Bilateral Meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak News Presiden Joko Widodo Holds Bilateral Meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida internet Data-Driven Decision Making: Unleashing the Power of Big Data internet IoT Revolution: Connecting the World in a Smart Way News Presiden Joko Widodo Holds Bilateral Meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron internet Exploring the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Business Opinion Green Industrial Transformation: Addressing Climate Change and Global Warming Industrial Transformation Advancements in Chemical Manufacturing: Exploring the Latest Technological Innovations News Menko Airlangga: Indonesian Economy Demonstrates Strong Performance and Investment Opportunities Industrial Transformation Sustainable Practices in the Chemical Industry: Balancing Environmental Responsibility and Business Growth News Government Continues to Strengthen Chemical Industry as a Strategic Sector for National Development Industrial Transformation Digital Transformation in Chemical Plants: Leveraging Technology for Operational Excellence News Indonesia and Australia Discuss Supply Chain Issues in Indo-Pacific Economic Meeting News Indonesia's Sago and Artisan Chocolate Industries Show Tremendous Potential for Development Industrial Transformation The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Research and Development News Indonesia Signs Memorandum of Understanding with BYD to Explore Electric Vehicle Investment Opportunities internet Transforming Manufacturing: Top Companies Harnessing AI for Enhanced Efficiency News Indonesia and Canada Discuss Trade Partnership and Halal Cooperation News Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Ministers Discuss Critical Minerals and Trade Cooperation Opinion Unlocking Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges: Building the Semiconductor Industry in Indonesia News Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Ministers Reach Substantive Agreement on Supply Chains News Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Prioritizes Clean Economy for Sustainable Development Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Progresses Towards Fair Economy Green Industrial Global Exponential Growth for Low Carbon Solutions: Opportunities Ahead for Asia Pacific Green Industrial Combining Plants and Solar Panels: Unlocking Profitability and Sustainability Industrial Transformation Electric Vehicle Batteries: Advancements and Breakthroughs in Energy Storage Technology Green Industrial Hydrogen Cars: Pioneering the Future of Clean Transportation News Minister Luhut Pandjaitan Visits Jushi in China to Strengthen Indonesia-China Cooperation in Industrial Downstreaming Green Industrial Greener Wind Turbine for Green Energy: Revolutionizing Sustainable Power Generation Industrial Transformation Nurturing Sustainable Industrial Transformation in Developing Countries: A Pathway to Inclusive Growth Green Industrial The Basics of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles internet The Future of Work: How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the Job Landscape News Indonesian Delegation Engages in Eurasian Economic Forum 2023, Strengthening Cooperation with EAEU Member States News Indonesia Embraces Electric Vehicles as Key to Automotive Industry Sustainability News Indonesia's Quest for AI Dominance: Embracing Generative AI for Sustainable Development internet From Data to Insights: Exploring the Potential of Big Data Analytics in Today's Digital World News Indonesian Maritime and Investment Minister Welcomes Singaporean Investors to Nusantara Capital City Industrial Transformation Smart Sensors and IoT in Chemical Process Monitoring and Control Industrial Transformation Robotics and Automation in Chemical Laboratories: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety News Global Economic Slowdown and Commodity Price Decline Affect Indonesia's Industrial Confidence Industrial Transformation Emerging Technologies in Chemical Safety and Risk Management Green Industrial Eco Industrial Parks: Pioneering Sustainable and Green Manufacturing News Grand Opening of 6 Companies in Wiraraja Industrial Park Signals Indonesia's Economic Recovery internet From Data to Action: How Big Data Drives Business Transformation and Innovation News Indonesia and South Korea Strengthen Collaboration to Enhance Digital Transformation and Industrial Development Industrial Transformation The Evolving Landscape of Pharmaceutical Innovation: Trends and Challenges in the Industry News Indonesia Strengthens Automotive Collaboration with Japanese Companies Industrial Transformation Transforming Healthcare: The Role of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Advancing Medical Breakthroughs News Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Encourages Good Mining Practice in Bangka Belitung internet Closing the Digital Divide: Infrastructure and Rural Internet Access internet The Future of AI: Opportunities and Challenges for Industry and Government internet Innovative Solutions for Rural Internet Infrastructure Industrial Transformation The Intersection of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0: A Roadmap for Future Innovation Green Industrial Green Industry: A Growing Trend That's Good for the Planet and Your Bottom Line Green Industrial Green Mining in Indonesia: A New Era of Sustainable Development News The 7 Best Silicon Stocks to Buy for June 2023 Industrial Transformation From Assembly Lines to Roadways: The Promising Future of Robotic Technology in Industries and Electronic Vehicles News Minister Luhut Pandjaitan Highlights Collaboration in Battery Development for Electric Vehicles News Indonesian Government Announces Launch of SATRIA-1 Satellite for Public Service Connectivity News Digital Literacy in the Government Sector Emphasized by Acting Minister of Communication and Informatics and Commander of Indonesian National Armed Forces Industrial Transformation Unveiling the Potential: Exploring the Role of Robots in Industrial and Electronic Vehicle Technologies Industrial Transformation Beyond Automation: Harnessing Robotics for Industrial and Electronic Vehicle Advancements News Government Implements Policies to Boost National Economic Growth News Luhut B. Pandjaitan Encourages Indonesian TikTok Content Creators to Take Pride in Their Country internet Unleashing the Power: How 5G Technology is Revolutionizing Industries Industrial Transformation Industry Transformation 4.0 and Society 5.0 in Indonesia, between Opportunities and Challenges internet Artificial Intelligence Ethics for Research and Education internet How Chinese Companies are Striving to Lead on AI internet Artificial Intelligence to Overcome Global Warming and Climate Change internet Data Center Business in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges internet Indonesia's Cybersecurity: A Call to Action internet Transforming the Landscape: The Impact of 5G Technology on Industries News Successful Launch of Republic of Indonesia Satellite (SATRIA)-1 News Successful Launch of SATRIA-1 Satellite: Bridging the Digital Divide in Indonesia New Successful Launch of SATRIA-1 Satellite: A Historic Milestone for Indonesia's Digital Transformation internet The Future of Internet Infrastructure in Indonesia: 5G, Submarine Cables, and Data Centers Industrial Transformation Indonesia Poised to Become a Leader in the Global EV Industry Industrial Transformation Semiconductors: A Critical Component for Indonesia's Digital Transformation Drone Indonesia Poised to Become a Global Drone Hub: The Challenges and Opportunities internet Challenges in the Development of Infrastructure and Internet Networks in Indonesia News President Joko Widodo Highlights the Importance of Industry Integration in Indonesia's Development News President Joko Widodo Emphasizes Smelters as Foundation for Indonesia's Advancement News Minister Luhut B. Pandjaitan Conducts Trial Run of Jabodetabek LRT and Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train Industrial Transformation Indonesia's Nickel Smelters: A Rising Star in the Global EV Battery Market internet AI's Bright Future: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the World Industrial Transformation Indonesia's Garment and Textile Industry: Facing Challenges, but Still Growing Industrial Transformation Indonesia's Garment and Textile Industry in the Global Context: How the Industry is Competitive and Resilient Industrial Transformation Indonesia's Chemical Industry: A Key Driver of Economic Growth Industrial Transformation Indonesia: A New Manufacturing Hub for the Automotive Industry News Discover Menko Marves Luhut B. Pandjaitan's Insights on Decarbonization Industrial Transformation Sustainability, AI, and Inflation: The Top Trends Shaping the Electronics Industry internet The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Is it Possible for AI to Replace Humans in Making Love? Industrial Transformation How Indonesia is Becoming a Hub for Medical Device Manufacturing Industrial Transformation Food and Beverage Industry Set for Transformation with New Technologies Industrial Transformation How New Technology is Transforming the Textile and Garment Industry Industrial Transformation How Technology is Transforming Small and Micro Enterprises Green Industrial Green Industrial Standards: How Companies are Measuring and Reporting on Their Sustainability Efforts Drone The Impact of Drones on Future of Military Warfare Green Industrial The Benefits of Green Industry: How It Can Help the Environment and the Economy How to Harness the Power of the Digital Economy in Indonesia internet Indonesia: The Next Big Data Center Hub in Southeast Asia Green Industrial The Hydrogen Economy: A Realistic Possibility greenenergy The Policies Needed to Support a Hydrogen Economy News 5G in Indonesia: A Game-Changer for the Digital Economy Green Industrial How Green Energy Can Create Jobs and Reduce Pollut News PM Anthony Albanese: Relationship between Indonesia and Australia Strengthening Industrial Transformation Electric Vehicles: A Game-Changer for the Automotive Industry internet The Cost of Cybercrime: Billions of Dollars and Counting internet AI and the Future of Humanity: Are We Ready for the Singularity? internet The Dark Side of AI: The Potential Risks of Artificial Intelligence Industrial Transformation AI and IoT Spark New Wave of Innovation in Semiconductor Industry Industrial Transformation Global Semiconductor Market to Reach $1.38 Trillio internet 5G Technology: The Future of Wireless Communication internet AI-Powered Self-Driving Cars: The Future of Transportation internet 5G Technology: The Future of Smartphones Green Industrial Hydrogen Energy: The Next Big Thing in Clean Energy Green Industrial Solar Wind Power: The Next Frontier in Renewable Energy internet Quantum Computing: The Next Big Thing internet Generative AI Creates New Cancer Drugs internet Generative AI Creates New Materials for Sustainable Energy News Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit (IIXS) 2023: Unveiling Internet and Digital Technology Trends in Jakarta News INTI 2023: Preparations Underway for Indonesia's Largest Technology and Innovation Exhibition News Indonesia Technology and Innovation 2023 Showcases First-of-its-Kind Live Data Center and Cloud Demo News Luhut and Elon Musk Agree on Collaboration for Starlink Satellite Internet in Indonesia News Indonesia Government and Elon Musk's Starlink Collaboration for Internet Access at Community Health Centers News Driving Technology Self-Sufficiency: PT INTI Ready to Replace Imported Products in Telco and Cloud Industry Pameran Teknologi dan Inovasi Indonesia business Indonesia's Health Tech Industry Eyes Collaboration with Dubai in Landmark Forum industrial Ministry of Industry Drives Growth in Spirulina and Porang Downstreaming News Indonesia Advocates Equality for Global South in Shaping Global AI Governance Green Industrial Indonesian Natural Medicine Industry Thrives, Bank Indonesia Reports Positive Growth internet 6G: Beyond Speed – Exploring the Diverse Applications Revolutionizing Our World Green Industrial Green Revolution 2.0: Technology's Crucial Role in Building a Sustainable Future greenenergy Beyond Fossil Fuels: Exploring the Diverse Landscape of Sustainable Solutions internet Beyond 5G: Unveiling the Game-Changing Potential of 6G Technology The Decentralized Revolution: Edge Computing Democratizes Processing Power, Pushing Boundaries Cybersecurity Breaches, Ransomware, and Lies: The Persistent Threats Plaguing Our Digital World Cybersecurity Building Resilience: Navigating the Evolving Cyber Threatscape with Collaborative Action Cybersecurity Under Siege: As Tech Connects, Cybercriminals Exploit Growing Attack Surface Generative AI AI Originals? The Authenticity Crisis in the Age of Generative Content: Navigating a Blurred Landscape Generative AI Who Owns the Masterpiece? Untangling Copyright Quandaries in Generative AI Art Renewable Energy Powering the Future: How Renewable Energy Innovations are Lighting the Way INTI The Future is Now: Dive into AI, Robotics, and Green Tech at INTI INTI Can Tech Solve Indonesia's Biggest Challenges? Find Out at INTI INTI From Drones to Self-Driving Cars: Unveiling Indonesia's Hidden Tech Gems at INTI INTI INTI Summit: Can Indonesia Become a Global Tech Leader? Green Energy COP28 Reaches Breakthrough on Fossil Fuels: Global Commitments to Transition Away Renewable Energy Europe's Power Sector Emissions Plunge 19% as Coal and Gas Generation Fall Data Canters Data Centers: Turning Waste Heat into Warm Homes INTI Are You Ready for the Robot Revolution? See it First at INTI INTI From AI to Robotics: Top Trends Shaping Indonesia's Future at INTI Industrial Transformation Manufacturing Products Continue to Dominate National Export Achievements News Ministry of Industry Appreciates Local Automotive Modifiers for Bringing Innovation and Culture to the International Arena Artificial Intelegence AI Revolution: Transforming Industries and Creating Opportunities in Indonesia Data Canters Indonesia's Digital Hub: The Rise of Data Centers and Investment Opportunities Cybersecurity Building a Secure Digital Future at INTI - A Compelling Investment Opportunity in Cybersecurity Drones Taking Flight: Exploring the Potential of Drones in Indonesia's Diverse Landscape Cybersecurity Ransomware Attacks Up 50% in 2023, 3 Trends to Watch in 2024 Industrial Transformation Indonesia's Industrial Transformation: A Gateway to Growth and Sustainability Green Industrial Powering the Future: Unveiling Green Industrial Opportunities in Indonesia The Rise of Entertainment: Exploring Opportunities in Game Animation, E-sports, and Broadcasting in Indonesia Satellite Building a Connected Future: Empowering Connectivity Through Satellite Technology in Indonesia Electronic Electronics Bonanza: Unveiling the Potential of Indonesia's Electronic and Robotic Industries Healthcare Healthcare Revolution: Telemedicine and Medical Technology Reshaping Indonesia's Healthcare Landscape Satellite Successful Launch of Merah Putih 2 Satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida Skilling Up Skilling Up for the Future: Investing in Education and Workforce Development in Indonesia Digital Economy Indonesia's Digital Playground: Unveiling Opportunities in E-commerce and the Digital Economy internet Indonesia's Infrastructure Boom: Seizing Opportunities in the Telecommunications Goldmine Data Canters Powering the Digital Future: Why Investing in Indonesia's Data Centers is a Smart Move Digital Economy Boosting Indonesia's Digital Economy: Unveiling Key Strategies at Indonesia Internet Expo and Summit (IIXS) Sustainability Indonesia Poised for Green Transformation: Unveiling the Potential of Sustainable Energy and Carbon Trading Sustainability Indonesia's Green Gold Rush: Unlocking Opportunities in Sustainable Growth and Investment INTI From Ransomware to AI Threats: Top Cybersecurity Concerns Discussed at INTI INTI Data Privacy in the Digital Age: Insights from INTI Experts INTI The Cost of Cybercrime: Understanding the Economic Impact at INTI Cybersecurity Securing the Cloud: Exploring Cloud Security Solutions at INTI Artificial Intelegence AI's Economic Transformation: From New Currencies to AI Central Banks INTI 2024: Powering Indonesia's Future with AI, Robotics, and Green Tech Robots Rise in Indonesia: INTI Showcases the Future of Automation INTI Building Together: INTI Fosters Collaboration for Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, and Digital Transformation News Ministry of Industry Supports the Development of Energy Management Systems in the Industrial Sector News Indonesia to Accelerate Filing of CAKRA-1 Satellite with ITU News Indonesia and UK Collaborate to Develop Digital Government News Indonesia Showcases Sustainability Principles in PDN and IKN Development News China Builds Supermind, AI Platform with Intelligence Equivalent to 130 Million Scientists INTI Power Up Indonesia: INTI 2024 Propels Game & Animation to the Global Stage INTI Esports Revolution: INTI 2024 Drives Growth and Professionalization of Indonesia's Competitive Gaming Scene Artificial Intelegence Who Owns the Masterpiece? The Copyright Conundrum of Artificial Generative Technology (AGT) Robotic Robots Rising, Humans Adapting: The Reskilling Revolution for the AI-Powered Workforce Robotic Sharing the Shop Floor: Ensuring Safe Human-Robot Collaboration in the Age of Automation Drones Watching From Above: The Privacy Concerns of Drones and Satellites in Our Skies News Indonesia Passes the Baton to Norway as Official Partner Country at Hannover Messe 2024 Artificial Intelegence Deepfakes: When Reality Becomes Fiction - The Looming Threat of AI-Generated Misinformation Artificial Intelegence The Black Box Problem: Demystifying AI Decisions for a Fairer Future Robotic The Rise of the Machines: Navigating the Ethical Landscape of Robots in our Midst Drones The Terminator in the Sky: The Looming Threat of Autonomous Weaponry Industrial Transformation The Looming Reskilling Gap: Can We Prepare Our Workforce for the Age of Automation? Industrial Transformation Fortress Under Fire: The Growing Threat of Cyberattacks on Industrial Facilities Industrial Transformation The Algorithmic Oracle: Ethical Considerations in AI-Powered Industrial Decisions Industrial Transformation Greener Gears: How Industrial Transformation is Driving Sustainable Practices Industrial Transformation Cracks in the Chain: How Industrial Transformation is Reshaping Global Supply Chains Green Energy Powering the Future: How Energy Storage is Unlocking the Potential of Renewables Green Energy The Balancing Act: How We're Integrating Renewables into the Power Grid Green Energy The Rise of Green Hydrogen: Fueling a Sustainable Future Green Industrial Beyond Recycling: Embracing the Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future Green Industrial Capturing Carbon: Can Carbon Capture and Storage Help Fight Climate Change? Green Industrial Beyond the Bottom Line: Building Sustainable Supply Chains for a Greener Future Clean Energy Can Indonesia Power the Electric Vehicle Revolution? Clean Energy Indonesia's Technological Leap in the Electric Age Digital Transformation Get Ready for Takeoff: A Look at the Major Tech Disruptions of the Coming Half-Decade Digital Transformation How AI, Cloud, and IoT Will Reshape Our World by 2029 Digital Transformation From Sci-Fi to Reality: Unveiling the Next Wave of Technological Innovation Digital Economy Riding the Wave: Investing in Indonesia's Booming E-commerce Logistics Digital Economy Beyond Marketplaces: The Rise of E-Commerce SaaS in Indonesia Digital Economy Social Selling Surge: Funding the Future of Social Commerce in Indonesia Digital Economy Micropayments & Mobile Wallets: Fueling Indonesia's E-commerce Growth Education Technology Seeding the Future: Investing in Early Childhood EdTech Solutions in Indonesia Invesment Bridging the Skills Gap: EdTech Platforms Empowering Indonesia's Workforce Invesment Leveling the Educational Playing Field: EdTech for Rural Development in Indonesia Investment Beyond the Classroom Walls: The Rise of Online Learning Management Systems in Indonesia Investment Beyond Textbooks: Investing in Immersive Learning Experiences for Indonesia Investment Venture Capital Bets on Indonesia's Booming HealthTech Startups business Powering Progress: How Established Tech Giants are Investing in Indonesia's Digital Health Infrastructure Investment Beyond the Hospital Walls: Investing in Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions in Indonesia business Reaching New Heights: Cloud Adoption Soars in Indonesia's Booming Tech Industry business Beyond Smart Homes: The Rise of Industrial IoT in Indonesia's Manufacturing Powerhouse News INTI 2023 Coverage: The Rise of Drones in Civilian Functions business AI in the Archipelago: Investing in Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Indonesia's Maritime Industry business From Cash to Cashless: How Cloud Payments are Revolutionizing Indonesia's FinTech Landscape business Cultivating Innovation: Cloud-powered AgTech Solutions for a Sustainable Future in Indonesia business Powering Progress: How AI is Optimizing Indonesia's Energy Grid business Building Smarter Cities: The Role of IoT in Urban Development Across Indonesia Investment Investing in the Future: How AI is Transforming Indonesia's Education System Investment Retail Revolution: The Impact of IoT on Indonesia's Supply Chain Management Investment High Investor Interest Fuels the Rise of Nusantara: Indonesia's New Capital City business Personalized Healthcare: AI-powered Diagnostics Shaping Indonesia's Medical Landscape business Exploring New Frontiers: Semiconductor Industry Expands into Greenfield Opportunities News Top 10 Technology and AI Events in 2024: Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity UK Cybersecurity Agency Advises Caution on Cloud-Based SCADA Systems Generative AI: A Potential Gamechanger for Telcos Struggling in a Competitive Landscape News Microsoft Unveils Copilot for Security: A Generative AI Solution to Empower Cybersecurity Teams Robotic Robotic 3D Manufacturing for Unmatched Flexibility Robotic Medical Robotics: A Potential Solution to the Challenges of Future Healthcare Systems automotive Transformative Technologies in Mobility: A Closer Look at Innovation Trends Cybersecurity Zscaler Warns of Rising Security Threats Amidst Surging AI Adoption Investment Data Security in the Cloud: Safeguarding Indonesia Digital Transformation Journey Investment Beyond Surveillance: The Ethical Considerations of AI Implementation in Indonesia Cybersecurity Top 10 Cybersecurity Brands You Need to Know in 2024 Cybersecurity Healthcare on High Alert: Escalating Cyberattacks Threaten Patient Safety and Data Privacy Investment From Farm to Fork: Blockchain and IoT Revolutionize Transparency in Indonesia's Food Supply Chain Investment Skilling Up for the Future: Preparing Indonesia's Workforce for the Age of Artificial Intelligence Investment Beyond Megacities: Connecting the Unconnected Cloud Solutions for Rural Development in Indonesia News Siri Set for Supercharge: Apple's New AI Model Boasts Contextual Understanding and Supposedly Outperforms GPT-4 News AI Discovers Promising New Antibiotics to Combat Superbugs News The ASEAN Artificial Intelligence Investment War Begins: A Race Towards Innovation Cybersecurity Why Cyber Resilience is Essential for Businesses in the Digital Age Game and Animation From Curiosity to Classroom: Minecraft Education Edition Goes Beyond Gaming News AI Ethics Take Center Stage as Google Engineer Claims Bias in LaMDA Language Model News AI Ethics Take Center Stage as Google AI Researcher Calls for Broader Societal Discussion Artificial Intelegence The Economic Potential of Generative AI: The Next Productivity Frontier News Ministry of Communication and Informatics Welcomes Commitment from Global Companies to Build AI Center in Indonesia News Indonesias Digital Competitiveness Ranking Improves News Starlink to Conduct Trials in Indonesias New Capital City News Indonesian Government Accelerates Development of National Public Service Portal News Government Supports the Formation of Startup Ecosystem in the IKN Area News Industrial AI SmartXperience: Demystifying AI for Businesses at INTI 2024 News AI Shines in Medical Reasoning: Chatbot Outperforms Doctors in Study News Emo Robot Reads Your Smiles: The Future of Human Robot Interaction Cybersecurity AI to the Rescue: Integrity360 Forecasts Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape in 2024 News McKinsey and Google Cloud Join Forces to Unlock $4 Trillion with Generative AI News Mobile World Congress 2024: A Year of AI Focus and Redefining Telcos News Indonesia Revs Up for Electric Vehicle Battery Domination: A Look at Opportunities and Challenges News Kyndryl and Stellantis Forge Expanded Partnership to Drive CX, Efficiency, and Sustainability in Automotive Technology News Dell Technologies: Helping to Make Healthcare More Human News Microsoft's Next Move: Opening a State-of-the-Art AI Hub in London News Meta Unveils Latest AI Chip as it Races to Gen AI Ambitions Robotic How BlackBerry & AMD are Transforming the Robotics Industry News Apple Bringing Spatial Computing to Business With Vision Pro Cybersecurity Harnessing AI for Cybersecurity: Navigating the Hype and Making Informed Choices News Veterinary Giant CVS Group Discloses Significant Cyber-Attack Impact News Singapore’s Ambitious AI Investment Plan: Paving the Way for Innovation News Hanois Drive Towards Becoming Southeast Asias Semiconductor Powerhouse News Indonesias Strategic Move to Bolster the Electronics Industry: Permenperin 6/2024 News Indonesia Set to Commence Mass Production of Electric Vehicle Batteries in April 2024 business Southeast Asia's Renewable Energy Manufacturing Potential: A Pathway to Economic Growth and Climate Resilience News Indonesias Economic Opportunity through Green Economic Transformation and High-Tech Acceleration: Government Forms AZEC and Semiconductor Task Forces News Indonesia to Tighten Import of Electronics Including TVs, ACs, and Refrigerators, Zulhas: WTO Might Be Upset If Banned News Unveiling Lucrative Investment Avenues in Indonesias Booming Cosmetics Sector Green Energy Indonesias Geothermal Boom: Tapping Earths Heat for Sustainable Power Green Energy The Archipelago's Green Legacy: Can Indonesia Become a Renewable Energy Leader? Green Energy Solar Power Takes Root: How Indonesias Abundant Sunshine Fuels Investments Green Energy Beyond the Numbers: The ESG Advantage of Investing in Indonesias Green Sector Green Energy Indonesias Green Regulations: A Boon or Barrier for Investors? Green Energy Betting on Battery Bliss: Indonesias Rise as a Lithium Powerhouse News Exploring Manufacturing and Technology Investment Opportunities with Indonesia Apple Collaboration Green Energy Hydropower Potential Untapped: Investing in Indonesia's Mighty Rivers Green Energy Skilling Up for the Green Shift: Investing in Indonesias Workforce News Meeting Tony Blair, President Jokowi Discusses Energy Investment and Accelerating Digital Transformation News Optimizing Opportunities to Become a Key Player in Global Technology Development News ASEAN Digital Economy Framework Agreement (DEFA): A Cornerstone for an Open, Secure, and Interoperable Digital Economy News Indonesia Reaffirms Commitment to Just Energy Transition with ETP Indonesia News Starlink Driving Mobile Operator Innovation, According to Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie News Indonesia's Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy: Challenges and Opportunities News Indonesia and New Zealand Strengthen Trade Ties with Emphasis on Agricultural Exports News Indonesia and Saudi Arabia Discuss Enhanced Role of Islamic Development Bank News Ministry of Communication and Information Encourages Collaboration to Strengthen National Cyber Security Governance News Minister Budi Arie Urges Industry to Produce Cyber Security Experts to Fulfill the Need for 4 Million Talents News President Jokowi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Discuss Economic Cooperation and the Middle East Situation News Indonesia and AIIB Discuss Strengthening Infrastructure Cooperation News Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Emphasizes the Importance of Human Resource Quality in IMF-World Bank Meetings News Indonesia Commits to Combat Financial Crimes at FATF Ministerial Meeting News Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Expresses Confidence in Indonesia's Economic Resilience News Deputy Minister Nezar Patria and South Korean Ambassador Discuss AI Global Forum 2024 News Accelerating Digital Economy, Ministry of Communication and Information Explores Joint Lab Opportunities News Welcoming Tony Blair, Ministry of Communication and Information Discusses Digital Transformation Collaboration News Kominfo Appreciates TBI's Support for Digital Connectivity Trial in IKN News Minister Budi Arie Invites Collaboration with TBI to Develop AI Regulation Menko Luhut Asserts Strengthening RI - China Cooperation in the 4th HDCM Meeting News Ministry of Communication and Information Encourages Implementation of Three Values to Combat Online Gambling Indonesia Hosts 10th Asia Pacific Spectrum Management Conference 2024 News The organization of the 10th Asia Pacific Spectrum Management Conference 2024 serves as a momentum to improve radio frequency spectrum management in the Asia Pacific region. News Minister Budi Arie Encourages APSMC 2024 to Recommend Comprehensive Regulations News Wamen Nezar Patria Urges Optimization of Technology Mastery to Strengthen Digital Transformation News Strengthening Digital Transformation, Overcoming Geographic Challenges, Menkominfo: Indonesia Implements Technological Convergence News Nurturing Skilled Digital Talents, Wamenkominfo Urges Adaptive and Agile Mindset News Kominfo Aligns National Interests following WRC 2023 Outcomes News Ministry of Industry Prepares Anticipation for the Impact of World Geopolitical Situations on the Industrial Sector News Presenting Innovation and Industrial Leadership, Indonesia Returns to Hannover Messe 2024 News Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Encourages Public Communication Actors to Adopt AI Technology News Kominfo Encourages Ethical Use of AI Technology News Minister Budi Arie Welcomes Japans Interest in Developing 5G Open RAN in Indonesia News Menko Airlangga Shares Experience in Driving Indonesias Digital Economy with Kartu Prakerja at The 80th Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific News President Joko Widodo Appoints Minister Airlangga Hartarto to Lead Indonesias Preparation and Acceleration Process for OECD Membership News Recording Positive Achievements in the First Quarter of 2024, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Continuously Improve Performance Through Stakeholder Collaboration News Indonesia-Singapore Cooperation Continues, Menko Airlangga Discusses Strategic Issues with Singaporean Foreign Minister News Wamen Nezar Patria: Kominfo Open to Collaboration with ADB News Enhanced Collaboration in Human Resources Development Highlighted at Hannover Messe 2024 News Indonesia Secures Thirteen New Industrial Partnerships at Hannover Messe 2024 News Exploring ICT Collaboration: Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Meets with Papua New Guinea Minister News Menko Airlangga Highlights the Importance of ASEAN and Gulf Cooperation Council Collaboration at World Economic Forum News Menko Airlangga Advocates Strengthening the Labor Market for the Youth at WEF Special Meeting News Menko Airlangga and PM Anwar Ibrahim Agree to Push ASEAN-GCC as New Economic Powerhouses News Menko Airlangga Engages with Business Community in London, Updates Economic and Political Developments, and Promotes Business Sustainability in Indonesia News Strengthening Economic and Trade Cooperation: Menko Airlangga Meets British Trade Minister in London News Manufacturing Industry Remains Expansive amid Global Business Climate Decline News Indonesia-Microsoft Explore Opportunities for AI Technology and Digital Talent Development News Exploring Digital Cooperation: Indonesian Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Visits the US News Digital Economy Thriving, Deputy Minister Nezar Patria Encourages Permias Seattle to Participate News Menko Airlangga Urges UK Minister for Climate, Environment, and Energy to Ensure Sustainable Palm Oil Certification Aligns with Best Practices and Fair Testing Regulations News Britain Supports and Shares Various Experiences with Indonesia to Join CPTPP News Realizing Indonesia's Golden Vision 2045, Ministry of Economic Affairs Supports Collaboration to Accelerate Indonesia's Membership in OECD Kominfo Aligns Indonesia Digital Vision with Green Economy News Once Again, Indonesia Strengthens Its Influence in the World News Starting OECD Ministerial Meeting, Minister Airlangga Meets Secretary-General Cormann and Affirms Commitment to Accelerate Indonesias Membership Process News Starting OECD Ministerial Meeting, Meet Minister Airlangga, New Zealand Trade Minister Regards Indonesias Importance to OECD News Acceptance of OECD Accession Roadmap Strengthens Indonesias Commitment to Active Participation in the Global Order News Indonesia Strengthens Bilateral Ties with UK at OECD Ministerial Meeting News Chile Ready to Become Indonesia's Strategic Economic Partner in South America News Indonesia Strengthens Digital Transformation Through Global Company Collaboration News Microsoft Commits Rp28 Trillion Investment, Minister Budi Arie: Developing AI and Cloud in Indonesia News Wamenkominfo Explores Data Governance Strengthening Collaboration with AWS News Indonesias Commitment at OECD Ministerial Meeting: Solution-Based Actions for Sustainable Economic Growth News Indonesias Commitment at OECD Ministerial Meeting: Meeting with Dutch Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Airlangga Highlights Potential Cooperation on Giant Sea Wall Project News Kemenperin: Green Industry Standards Realize Sustainable Development News Indonesias Manufacturing PMI Remains Expansive for 32 Consecutive Months Despite Long Eid Holiday News Minister Budi Arie Urges Women to Harness AI to Address Gender Disparities News Japans Minister for Digital Transformation Acknowledges ASEAN Digital Economy Framework Agreement (DEFA) as a Progressive Step News Japan and Indonesia Strengthen Economic Ties at OECD Meeting News Women Empowerment: Driving Digital Advancement, Says Minister of Communication and Information News Indonesia Digital Test House (IDTH): Setting the Benchmark for Telecommunication Devices Testing industrial Unlocking Indonesias Manufacturing Potential: A Comprehensive Overview INTI INTI 2024: Indonesias Largest Technology and Innovation Exhibition Returns! business Indonesias Economic Outlook and Key Sectors for 2024 News German Vice Chancellor Praises Indonesias High Economic Growth in Southeast Asia News Ensuring Telecommunication Device Security Standards, Minister of Communication and Information Technology Emphasizes Collaboration News Kominfo Develops IDTH into National Digital Device Innovation Hub News Free Certification for MSMEs: President Calls for IDTH to Strengthen Local Digital Technology Ecosystem News President Joko Widodo Optimistic as Indonesias Economy Records Growth Amid Global Challenges News Wamen Nezar Patria: Harness AI to Advance the Nation News Improving Human Resources Quality, Wamenkominfo Advocates for AI Research and Development Center News Investment in Indonesia, Minister Luhut: Microsoft Won't Regret News Menko Luhut Optimistic about IKN Development Reaching 80% by August News Indonesias Postal, Telecommunications, and Broadcasting Sectors: Understanding the Impact of Omnibus Law News Industrial Gas Producers Play Crucial Role in Indonesia’s Manufacturing Sector News Indonesian Ministry of Industry Drives Healthcare Equipment Industry to Enhance Global Competitiveness News Driving National Economy Towards More Transformative Growth, Minister Airlangga Forges Global Cooperation News Ministry of Industry Rolls Out 2024 Production Machinery and Equipment Restructuring Program to Boost Agro-Industry News Minister Budi Arie Encourages the Development of Healthy Television Broadcasts business Indonesia Opens Hospital Sector to 100 Percent Foreign Investment Under Omnibus Law News Empowering Indonesia: Minister Urges Youth to Stay Optimistic for a Bright Future News Minister Urges Innovation and Adaptation to Embrace Technological Advancement News Telkom Indonesia and F5 Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Cybersecurity Services News Midea, AIS, China Unicom, and Huawei Collaborate to Launch Southeast Asia's First Fully Connected 5G Factory News Bharti Airtel and Google Cloud Forge Alliance to Propel Digital Transformation in India News Indonesia Hosts ITU DTC Workshop, Spearheads Global Digital Literacy Acceleration News Wamen Nezar Patria Advocates Developing Digital Triathletes to Keep Pace with Transformation News Global Efforts to Address Digital Talent Gap: Indonesia's Strategic Approach News SpaceX's Starlink to Launch High-Speed Internet in Indonesia News PLDT Explores Sale of Data Center Business to NTT News Indonesian Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Welcomes UK Minister John Glen to Discuss Digital Collaboration News Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Encourages Telecom Industry to Harness New Technologies for Digital Transformation News Microsoft to Invest $2.2 Billion in Malaysia for Digital Transformation News Minister of Communication and Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Inaugurate Antara Heritage Center News President Joko Widodo Envisions Golden Indonesia 2045 through Strategic Programs News Rising Demand for Voice AI: Transforming User Experiences Across Industries News INTI 2024 Technology and Innovation Expo Returns to JI-Expo Kemayoran News Gamecomm Indonesia Joins INTI 2024: Energizing Indonesia's Largest Tech Expo Green Energy Indonesia's Geothermal Sector: Key to Energy Sustainability News President Joko Widodo Meets Australian Governor-General David Hurley to Strengthen Bilateral Ties News Indonesia Launches International Mangrove Research Center to Combat Climate Crisis News Luhut Pandjaitan Welcomes Elon Musk to Bali for World Water Forum and Starlink Launch News Luhut Pandjaitan Emphasizes Role of Global Blended Finance Alliance in Transformative Change News Government Eases Import Restrictions to Alleviate Port Congestion News Indonesian Economy Shows Resilience Amid Global Challenges News Strengthening Economic Cooperation Between Indonesia and South Korea in the Post-Pandemic Era News Indonesia-South Korea Economic Cooperation Strengthens with Major Petrochemical Investment News Indonesia and Finland Explore Bilateral Cooperation in Digital Sector News President Jokowi Meets Elon Musk at World Water Forum in Bali News President Jokowi Commends 57-Year Partnership with ADB, Focuses on Energy Transition and Infrastructure Development News Indonesia and Russia Strengthen Bilateral Economic Cooperation Amid Global Uncertainty News Indonesia and South Korea Bolster Bilateral Economic Cooperation News Indonesian Economic Minister Strengthens Bilateral Ties with South Korea and Japan News Satellite Internet Service Launches to Expand Internet Access Across Indonesia News Indonesian Ministry of Industry Hosts Successful Business Forum at POWER Uzbekistan 2024 News Indonesian Economy Shows Resilience Amid Global Challenges: Projected to Grow 5.11% in Q1 2024 News Indonesia's Economic Resilience Shines at Nikkei Forum 2024 Green Energy Indonesia Launches Ambitious Energy Transition Program with International Partners News Indonesian Companies Showcase Advanced Technology at UAS Expo 2024 in Shenzhen News Indonesia's Airlangga Hartarto Visits CNGR Integrated Industrial Facility in Southern China News Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Cracks Down on Online Gambling with ISP Cooperation News Indonesian Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Attends Bilateral Meeting with DCO in Geneva to Discuss Digital Economy Acceleration News Indonesia Launches AI Readiness Assessment with UNESCO Support NEW Indonesia Launches AI Readiness Assessment Methodology in Collaboration with UNESCO News Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics Budi Arie Setiadi Advances Digital Cooperation in Geneva News Indonesian Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Participates in WSIS+20 Forum Ministerial Roundtable in Geneva News Indonesia’s JaWAra Internet Sehat Wins Top Prize at WSIS+20 Forum News President Joko Widodo Meets OECD Secretary-General to Accelerate Indonesia's Membership News Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Participates in WSIS20 Forum 2024 Ministrial Roundtable News Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Engages with Indonesian Diaspora in Geneva Amid WSIS 2024 Forum News Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Highlights Digital Supply Chain Strengthening at WSIS 2024 News Indonesian Communication Minister Budi Arie Setiadi Discusses Strategic ITU Collaboration in Geneva News Cybersecurity: A Crucial Element in Indonesia's Digital Transformation News Cybersecurity: A Pillar of Indonesia's Digital Vision 2045 News Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics Partners with UK’s Chevening Scholarship Program News Kominfo Strengthens Collaboration with Chevening Scholarship Program for Digital Talent Development News Indonesia and UK Strengthen Collaboration for Regulatory Reform and Digital Talent Development News Indonesia Approves New Special Economic Zones to Boost Economy and Job Creation News Indonesias Accession to OECD: A Strategic Move Towards Enhanced Global Economic Integration News Ministry of Industry Boosts Investment Through RCEP Cooperation News Indonesian ICT Industry Booms Amid Rising Global Demand for Digital Technology News Indonesia Accelerates Digital Transformation with AI Adoption to Achieve Golden Indonesia 2045 News Indonesia Optimizes AI Technology to Spur Economic Growth News Gamecomm Indonesia Launches Program to Boost Vocational Graduates in the National Gaming Industry News Government Initiates National Data Center Construction in Nusantara Capital News Indonesia and Japan Discuss Economic Cooperation at IPEF Ministerial Meeting News Historic IPEF Ministerial Meeting Marks New Era in Clean and Fair Economy News Historic IPEF Ministerial Meeting Reinforces Regional Economic Cooperation News Airlangga Hartarto to Lead 14th Ministerial Meeting of Indonesia-Singapore Six Bilateral Economic Working Groups News Minister Airlangga Hartarto Boosts Economic Cooperation in Marathon Meetings with Singapore Leaders News Indonesia and Japan Collaborate to Boost Electric Vehicle Industry News Indonesia Emphasizes Human-Centric AI Development News President Joko Widodo Breaks Ground on Nusantara Sustainability Hub in East Kalimantan News DoT to Trial Balloons and Drones for 5G Network Restoration During Emergencies News Trends in Internet Penetration in Indonesia in 2024 News Turkish Industrial Companies Eye Investment Opportunities in Indonesia internet Trends in Internet Penetration in Indonesia by Generation Groups in 2024 internet Internet User Penetration in Rural and Urban Areas of Indonesia in 2024 business President Joko Widodo Establishes Tanjung Sauh Special Economic Zone to Boost National Economy internet Government Initiatives in Internet Access and 4G Deployment in Remote Areas of Indonesia in 2024 News Indonesian Minister Airlangga Hartarto Meets Dmitry Medvedev to Strengthen Bilateral Relations News Indonesia's Inflation Under Control Amid Global Economic Uncertainty internet Trends of Home Internet in Indonesia in 2024 internet Trends in Mobile Internet Connectivity in Indonesia in 2024 News Indonesia Welcomes Hozon Energy's Investment in Electric Vehicle Production News Strengthening Industrial Cooperation Between Indonesia and China internet Trends in Most Accessed Internet Content Categories in Indonesia for 2024 internet Trends in Most Visited Internet Entertainment Content in Indonesia for 2024 internet Key Trends Shaping Indonesia's Broadband Landscape in 2024 News Indonesia's Digital Economy Transformation: Embracing AI and Innovation News Indonesia Welcomes Kings College London to Singhasari SEZ internet Assessing Infrastructure Challenges in Indonesia internet How Likely is Starlink to Capture Natural Resources and Defense Conditions in Indonesia from Their Satellite Network? Here's the Explanation internet Indonesia Enhances Digital Infrastructure: Strategic Recommendations for the Future Cybersecurity Learning from the PDN Case: What the Indonesian Government Must Urgently Do News Government Focuses on Restoring PDNS 2 Services Affected by Cyber Attack News Clarification on Satellite ISR Fees: Director General of SDPPI Kominfo Emphasizes Regulation Based on PP No. 43 of 2023 News Global Economic Projections and Their Impact on Indonesia: A Current Analysis Artificial Intelegence How Likely is AI to be Used in Medical Analysis and Replace Doctors? Here's the Explanation business Here is the List of Countries for Tech Company Investments, Where Does Indonesia Rank? News Recovery Efforts After Cyber Attack on PDNS 2 News Recovery Efforts for PDNS 2: Key Steps Towards a Safer Digital Transformation Cybersecurity Understanding the Brain Cipher Ransomware Attack on the National Data Center Cybersecurity Not Just Indonesia: These Are the Countries Frequently Targeted by Hackers Attacking National Data Centers News Understanding Indonesia's Response to Artificial Intelligence Development: Opportunities and Challenges Cybersecurity Post-Attack on PDN: What is the Level of Data Security in Indonesia, Which One Is Urgent to Fix News Here’s What Happens to Data Attacked by Brain Cipher Ransomware News Government Pushes Digital Transformation Acceleration Following Cyber Attack on National Data Center Cybersecurity How Developed Countries Build Data Protection Systems, How About Indonesia? Here’s the Explanation Cybersecurity Here's the List of Countries with the Most Hackers in the World, Where Does Indonesia Rank? News Government Initiates Copper Industry Downstreaming Policy to Boost National Economic Value-Added Cybersecurity Here is a List of the World's Largest Hacker Groups, Their Methods, and Affiliations Cybersecurity Here is the List and Chronology of the World's Largest Hacker Attacks and Their Financial Losses News Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto Welcomes Visit of Australian Business Champion for Indonesia News President Jokowi Orders Restoration of Public Services Affected by Ransomware Cyberattack Cybersecurity Do the Following to Prevent Ransomware from Attacking Your Data News Why Do Some Major Countries Seem to Protect Hackers? Here Are the Reasons Cybersecurity Important! Do the Following if You Suspect a Ransomware Attack on Your Data News Shocking Statement from Hackers, Promising Free Encryption Keys on Wednesday News Manufacturing Sector in June 2024 Still Shows Positive Performance but Signs of Slowdown Appear Cybersecurity Can Hacked Data Be Restored to Its Original State? Here's the Explanation News Director General of Informatics Applications of Kominfo, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, Resigns News Strengthening Indonesia-Australia Cooperation in Energy Transition News Towards Indonesia's Golden Vision 2045: Green and Sustainable Economic Transformation News Towards a Green and Digital Economy: The Importance of Collaboration at Green Industrial 2024 and INSW News GeForce NOW Introduces 22 New Games in July News NVIDIA Unveils Reference Architecture for AI Cloud Providers News Indonesia's Economic Transformation Towards a Developed Country by 2045 News Digital Transformation Through the Digital Leadership Academy Program News Policy on 200% Import Tariff and Domestic Industry Protection Artificial Intelegence NVIDIA Unveils Latest Models for Synthetic Data Generation with NVIDIA Nemotron-4 340B News Indonesia-South Korea Inaugurate Battery and Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in Karawang News Indonesia Pushes Global Collaboration for Sustainable Ocean Development Robotic Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics & Automation (IERA) Award 2024 for Realtime Robotics News Sri Mulyani Indrawati: Outlook on the 2024 State Budget and Budget Deficit Challenges Cybersecurity Learn from the PDN Case: Implement Good Data Management to Avoid Hacker Attacks, Here's How News Global Economic Turmoil Impacts the 2024 State Budget: Sri Mulyani Outlines Mitigation Strategies News Indonesia's Economy Grows Steadily in Q1 2024, Ready to Transform at Green Industrial 2024 News The National Steel Industry: A Key Pillar of Indonesia's Infrastructure Advancement News Digital Technology and the Challenge of Misinformation: Efforts to Improve Literacy in Indonesia News AI and Ethical Challenges: Indonesia's Efforts in Implementing Intelligent Technology News Digital Revolution: AI and Technological Innovations in the Digital Era News G20 Sherpa Meeting: Indonesia Advocates for Gaza and Civil Society Involvement News Growth in the Logistics Sector and the Role of APP Jakarta Polytechnic in Producing Quality Human Resources News Industrial Transformation 4.0: Enhancing the Competitiveness and Productivity of National Manufacturing News Strong Push to Boost New Car Sales in Indonesia News BNP Paribas and QuantumStreet AI Launch AI and Cross Asset Trend Index in Brazil: An Innovative Step Towards Future Investments News AMD Acquires Europe's Largest AI Laboratory, Silo AI: An Innovative Step Towards Integrated AI Solutions Digital Technology AMD Announces the Launch of FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 3: Significant Enhancements in Game Quality and Performance Artificial Intelegence Japan Enhances AI Sovereignty with New ABCI 3.0 Supercomputer Digital Technology Development of Digital Talent in Aceh: Strategic Steps Towards a Digitally Skilled Society Ecosystem News Ministry of Communication and Information to Establish Digital Talent Development Centers in 34 Provinces Artificial Intelegence AMD and Sun Singapore Systems Launch AI-Based Smart Parking Solution Artificial Intelegence AI Commentary Enhances Wimbledon Fan Experience with IBM Watsonx News Intel Launches Technician Apprenticeship Program in Arizona to Meet Semiconductor Industry Needs News Indonesia-US Collaboration: Advancing Technology and Renewable Energy Cybersecurity IBM and Microsoft Strengthen Cybersecurity Collaboration to Modernize Security Operations News Jensen Huang and Mark Zuckerberg Discuss the Future of Graphics and Virtual Worlds at SIGGRAPH 2024 Digital Technology Next-Generation Video Editing: Wondershare Filmora Adds Support for NVIDIA RTX Video HDR and AI-Powered Features News Surprise Inspection by the Minister of Communication and Information Technology at the Temporary Data Center in South Tangerang to Ensure Cybersecurity Robotic Government Pushes Digital Transformation with Robotics and AI Technology News Development of Industrial Zones: The Pillar of Digital Transformation Towards Industry 4.0 News Indonesia Achieves Improvement in Product Market Regulation Index: A Step Towards OECD Membership Artificial Intelegence AI Transforming the Transportation Industry: Waabi Set to Launch Autonomous Trucks in the Market News Ministry of Communication and Informatics Encourages Compliance Among Radio Frequency Spectrum Users News Government Pushes Optimization of National Logistics Ecosystem Through Digitalization and International Collaboration News President Jokowi Discusses Strategic Cooperation with President MBZ in Abu Dhabi Artificial Intelegence NVIDIA's AI Utilization to Enhance Video Streaming Quality Cybersecurity IBM and USAID Strengthen Cybersecurity in Europe and Eurasia News Cross-Sector Collaboration Strengthens National Cybersecurity News Indonesia's Manufacturing Industry Continues to Expand Amid Global Economic Uncertainty Artificial Intelegence Microsoft Introduces Generative Chemistry and Accelerated DFT in Azure Quantum Elements Cloud Microsoft's Latest Innovations: Driving Sustainability with AI and Data in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Digital Technology Zero Trust in the AI Era: Microsoft Innovations for Integrated Digital Security News Collaboration: Transformative Innovation in the Digital Era at IFAS FEST 2024 News As EUDR Implementation Approaches, International Pressure and Indonesia's Efforts to Delay the European Union's Deforestation Regulation News Accelerating National Development with the One Map Policy: Advancing Strategic Projects and Special Economic Zones Robotic Preliminary IFR Report: Global Industrial Robot Installations Reach 560,000 Units in 2023 IBM Introduces Mistral Large on Watsonx.ai: Driving AI Innovation for Enterprises News CrowdStrike Update Impact: Microsoft's Steps to Restore Global IT Systems News Minister of Communication and Informatics Ensures Security at National Data Center: Optimizing National Digital Infrastructure News Minister of Communication and Information Technology Urges Public to Combat Cyber Crime and Online Gambling Together News National Economic Foundation Strengthens, Coordinating Minister Airlangga Leads Evaluation and Work Plan in Palembang News Bali Hosts Follow-Up Meeting for GBFA: Indonesia's Efforts to Bridge Climate Action and SDG Funding Gaps News Tech Link Summit 2024: Marking a New Era in Industrial Technology Transformation in Indonesia Industrial Transformation Making Indonesia 4.0: Accelerating Industrial Technology Transformation for SMEs in Indonesia Artificial Intelegence Aquaculture Revolution with AI Technology: eFishery Aids Indonesian Shrimp and Fish Farmers Digital Technology IBM Joins Fermilab's SQMS Center: A Major Step Towards the Future of Quantum Technology News AMD Announces Retirement of President Victor Peng and New Leadership Transition News Profile of Victor Peng, AMD President Who Announced His Retirement News Fighting Against Illegally Operating Cybersecurity Companies: Microsoft's and Technology Partners' Bold Steps Robotic Revolutionizing Industrial Automation in Taiwan with NVIDIA Metropolis and NIM Digital Technology Intel and the Future of 8K Live Broadcasting at the Paris 2024 Olympics News AI Empower Connect: Bridging Brilliant AI Startups with Visionary Investors





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